Cash Pay weekly
How it Works

If you have borrowed cash in past, you would be aware of the following stages of loan processing as these are common to loan applications of all types. The process is simple and quick. You only need to spend initial few minutes to provide your details for further process to be handled completely by lender.

Step 1- Send your information

Fill the application form available on this website to start your loan process. You are required to provide basic personal, banking and financial information to qualify for a loan.

Step 2- Get a quick response

Once your details are verified, the lender would contact you to discuss your loan proposal. This is a no obligation quotation, so if you do not like the offer you can choose other options that you might have.

Step 3- Receive your funds

Once your loan is approved, you are required to sign the loan documentations and funds are then released which you could receive almost instantly.

Step 4- Payback on due date

2-4 weeks time is the usual time frame to arrange the funds for repayment. Make sure to have sufficient funds in your bank account on due date to allow the lender to collect it through direct debit.

Disclaimer : is not a lending company website. This website offers a platform for loan matching service where you submit your information and we forward it to direct lenders. Your details are received and verified by lenders who then approve your loan on basis of your income & expenses (eligibility & affordability). You will receive your lending decision phone/email as the ender himself contacts you. will NOT be involved in this process and you will not receive any contact from us. Our service is free of cost for you, so we do not ask for any payment. If you receive any phone call/email from anyone claiming to represent please ignore them completely and inform us immediately.

Any information shared on this website related to payday loan terms/conditions and policies may vary from lender to lender & also depending on your personal financial circumstances. If you miss a loan repayment you could be entitled to pay penalties (increased fees/rates) on your loan account. Your application is not guaranteed to get approval, when approved the loan amount of $1000 cannot be assured by us. All these specifics (terms, conditions, repayment policies & miss payment penalties) would depend on your eligibility for loan and the lending policies of the lender. If you miss your repayment on time, the lender might use collection services & charge penalties.

The average APRs range is from 4.999% to 35.80%, proposed for premium payday loans. Not all loan applications qualify for premium APRs since some applicants have defaults/bad credit rating for which a lender usually charges a higher interest rate. Also, it is not guaranteed that all applications qualify for a loan or the loan amount will definitely be transferred today. Our service is only to forward your application to lenders, we do not get involved in consumer lending.